This website is dedicated to the 1965 graduating class of Flushing High School (Michigan).

Initially built in 1996, the website was given a facelift in 2001, again in 2004 and again in 2006, primarily to provide a better "look and feel". The current version (as of 7/2010) removes the framed window approach and supports a more modern (and useful) drop-down menu structure. It has also been ported from Coldfusion/MSAccess to PHP/MySQL. The original content (mostly from the Perannos) has been retained together with the very welcome addition of historical material from Bob Sunday and reunion material from Gordon Caverly,

The information presented in the site is still not 100% accurate (and never will be) and there is certainly still a lot of missing information. I have provided a form where you can correct wrong info, add new info where blanks exist now, or ask that specific info be removed.

I have also provided a feedback form. I would really appreciate it if you would take time to say a few words on this form - anything would be welcome - in order to let me know who is viewing the site as well as your thoughts on content, style, presentation, how you heard about the site, whatever.

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